There’s a wealth of data in your Acumatica database. Every transaction you enter creates relevant information that helps your business grow – you just need to know how to find it! According to a recent IDG report, companies with more effective data grow 35% faster year over year.

Watch the recording of this Acumatica webinar that was held on June 13th hosted by several of acu-connect’s founding members to learn more about three enhancements that can help you make better data-driven decisions in Acumatica, so you can grow faster.

  • Make decisions based on fact, not “gut”
    • Self-service BI in Acumatica offers 5,000+ out of the box report templates for a 360-degree view of your business.
  • Manage spend before it starts
    • eProcurement gives you control and visibility into your procurement process at every step of the way with full audit capabilities, leading to reduction in overall spend of up to 20%.
  • Improve visibility and reporting with integrated B2B payments
    • In a Deloitte B2B Payments Survey, buyers reported that card payments provided 63% improved visibility and reporting for their business.  Additionally, integrated payments allow you to pass level 3 data for transactions, allowing you to save you up to 43% off your current processing rates. Sadly, 80% of companies still do not process Level 3 data for B2B credit card transactions.  

Learn how you can leverage the data inside Acumatica to grow your business faster today!


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